At Cube Central we understand the importance of protecting your investment property and the choice of property manager can make a substantial difference to the returns generated and its value in the future.  Making an incorrect choice can cost you thousands of dollars.

Benefits of Cube Property Management;

  • Weekly disbursement of rents (not fortnightly or monthly like other agents)
  • Full service management
  • Choice of all inclusive packages
  • Rental Reviews
  • Written and Photographed Inspections
  • FREE and easy switch over to our services, we will do all the work.


Why choose Cube Property Management?

When vacant, we remain of the view that there is not another agent in the market place that represents the investor as well as we do. We specialize in this field of work, it’s what we do and we do it with purpose and passion. Having specialist and dedicated property management and leasing staff means that our results speak for themselves:


  • Independent results show we achieve lower vacancy rates than the industry: In fact an average of 5-8 days compared to 18.2 days, that’s greater income to you.
  • We review rent with every lease renewal to maximize returns on investment.
  • Our vacancy rate averages 0.02% or less, meaning our properties are rented fast…. We commence the leasing process before the property is vacant working with existing tenants.
  • 98.8% of all our tenants pay their rent, on time, every time.
  • We believe in a transparent property management process with both well trained and knowledgeable property management staff working to KPI performance indicators.
  • You will have one point of contact.
  • You will have access to weekly disbursement of rental income, thus potentially saving you thousands compared to end of month payment methods.
  • We offer a full service management including paying rates, insurances etc as needed.
  • We offer a referral fee for the successful rental as a thankyou for the business.


Fundamentally, an investor’s main query is;

  • Who will provide you the best returns on your property?

In short, we will! Our vacancy rate and weekly disbursement cycle, mean we save your clients $1,000’s a year in compounded interest by our leading vacancy periods and weekly disbursing of rent.


  • Who has the best property manager to assist and look after the property?

We have excellent property managers who live locally and specializes in the area, both knowledgeable and accountable. More than that, I will be involved with each and every client you refer personally.


Call 1800 774 756 and ask for Stuart or ask your consultant for details


P.S. Don’t forget to make sure your house insurance has adequate landlords insurance / protection. Ask your consultant for details or visit the Cube General Insurance page by clicking the link below.

P.P.S.  If you have a rental property you may be entitled to some tax deductions. Ask your accountant or consultant for details or visit the Cube Depreciation Schedules page by clicking the link below.