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Specialist Superannuation Funds

Your Cube Financial Planning adviser will recommend a Super fund to you (if applicable) that offers the following features –
no entry fees, no exit fees, no policy or member fees, competitive management fee, investment options using specialist fund managers, ability to make Binding Nominations, ability to offer lump sum AND pension payments to beneficiaries, ability to have the anti-detrimental payment paid automatically and online


Are all your superannuation accounts in one single account? Having too many super funds can cost you thousands of dollars in extra fees paid over the life of your Super. By combining all your super in the one account, you’re likely to save money on fees, remove the hassle of keeping track of several accounts and avoid unnecessary paperwork. Your Cube Plan & Protect adviser can do this all for you.

Cube Superannuation - Super PageBinding Nomination of Beneficiaries

With a normal nomination of beneficiary (referred to as Non-Binding), the Trustee of the Super fund has discretion as who may receive your benefits. The Trustee has an obligation to write to every potential beneficiary, including ex-partners, and ask them if they would like to claim any of the benefits. However, with Binding Nomination of Beneficiaries, the Trustees have no such discretion. Your Cube Financial Planning adviser will assist with completing your Binding Nomination forms.

cube superannuation - super retirementRetirement Analysis

Are you currently on target to meet your retirement objectives? What sort of retirement will your current situation provide? Your Cube Financial Planning adviser will provide you with a snapshot of where you are currently at and what style of retirement you will live.

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